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Social Media Marketing

It’s fair to say that Facebook, Twitter and the other multitude of social netting sites have effectively changed the world. Suddenly now we all have a voice – and not just locally, but on a global scale. A young office worker from Liverpool can suddenly have a 100,000 people following what they have to say on Twitter!!!  And all this power can be harnessed through Social Media Marketing.

But from a business perspective why bother with social media?

Well look at these numbers –

• 1.06 billion active users on Facebook – who generated over 1.13 trillion likes last year!

• Over 500 million Twitter accounts generating over a billion tweets and 1.6 billion searches each day!

• And with over 500 million Google+ users – the young upstarts popularity in America is rapidly spreading across the globe!

• YouTube has over 72 hours of new video content uploaded every minute!

Now consider how many of your existing and new customers are amongst these users? YES – most of them!

And with today’s ability to access this data from so many different devices at anytime and in anyplace – the users and consumption can only rise. In fact next time you’re on a bus or train have a look at how many people sit staring at their phones – looking at status updates or the latest tweets. All of them potential customers!

So what will Social Media Marketing achieve?

  • Interact with your customers – old and new
  • Develop and strengthen your brand
  • Promote your message
  • Reach a massive audience
  • Give the impression of a modern, forward thinking company.

So as you can see the possibilities for putting your product or service in front of thousands of people are limitless… and don’t forget with social media marketing you can be available to your market whenever, wherever. No need to wait for customers to come to you.

So how do you go about this?

There are a number of elements we can help with when it comes to Social Media marketing – please visit the pages below:-

Or give us a call to chat through the options available.



Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't running social media very time consuming?

Well…. yes and no!  Social media does require frequent interactions with your followers as the point is to grow your audience and give them a voice to interact with you.  Its fairly pointless setting up a campaign, adding a couple of messages and then never going back to it.  Using a professional company will, of course, remove the need for you to create interactions.  With a little guidance about style and content they can manage the whole process for you.  As previously mentioned, a good social media campaign can really raise your profile and take your online presence to the next level – so the investment is warranted.

What if I get negative feedback about my company through social media?

Of course giving people a voice about your products and services will attract feedback – hopefully with lots of good stuff, and the inevitable bad comment.  But don’t look on the negative side of this – see it as an opportunity to demonstrate your customer great service and your ability to resolve issues.  Mistakes can and do happen, but a quickly responded to issue can paint a caring and trustworthy pictures for you and your company.  Triumph out of adversity!

There are so many social media channels, which should I choose?

Well generally speaking, the more the merrier.  Each has its own pluses and minuses, and each has its own demographic and its own ‘nuances’ (which can lend themselves better to different products and services).  Generally speaking the 3 main channels which lend themselves to marketing are: – Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  These have by far the largest market share and the largest audiences, so it makes sense to focus on them.  The surprise there is possibly Google+, however ignore this at your peril as its from Google so it may well affect your Google rankings!!! Oh and don’t forget Youtube – the power of a few videos on the worlds 2nd largest search engine (which is ironically also owned by Google) cannot be overlooked.